How to Increase Instagram Followers for Business Marketing

Small Business with Instagram

Instagram is another online mobile app that has followed the footsteps of both Twitter and Facebook. It is basically used for sharing photos however; on the later part uploading of videos was incorporated in the app but was limited to 15 seconds shorter clips. The Instagram concept was developed for people to apply different filters in their photos. These are taken using their mobile phones and can be uploaded easily in their Instagram account. In effect, these photos can then be shared to friends and followers of the account.

Why do businesses use Instagram?

Businesses are turning towards Instagram for support. These are because of the following Instagram status:

  • There are over 300 million instagram followers all over the world.
  • With that 70 million photos are uploaded on an average per day
  • It is a free account giving way to easier signing in.
  • It is a sharing medium that is available 24/7

In what means can Instagram help businesses?

Instagram can help businesses in the areas of:

  • Introducing their products, be it items, services or others as more people will be aware of what they are selling
  • Increasing recognition of their brand to the community
  • Run marketing strategies like promotions, competitions and other perks.

Marketing success through Instagram

Since in Instagram photos are very common, businesses use this as their means of increasing the popularity of their product. Through visual presentations they can capture the interest of the public. And while the public retains the images in their minds; more possibilities can happen which will give positive impact on their product.

In addition, the use of hashtags which is another Instagram tool added to the uploaded photos has positive effects. Searches made related to the hastag can link guests to the business’ website thereby promoting traffic and a possible conversion.